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abch hemp clothing
hemp label men's Women's


A.BCH is a progressive, Melbourne-based clothing label exploring what circular fashion really means: from biodegradable threads to free…

Afends hemp clothing
hemp label men's Women's


Afends is one of few Australian brands truly taking sustainability seriously. Hemp is always front and centre -…

bohempia cover image
hemp label men's Women's


Bohempia offer a variety of hemp clothing essentials, however their 'barefoot' shoes are their true hero. These shoes…

hemp fabric and flower
hemp label men's Women's


A well-established Australian hemp retailer - Braintree has been selling hemp clothing and accessories since 1995. They offer…

citizen wolf hemp clothing
hemp label men's Women's

Citizen Wolf

Online retailer Citizen Wolf make carbon negative t-shirts, to-order. They've developed an algorithm to take the guesswork out…

Hemis black and fluro green hemp shirt
hemp label men's Women's


Slow fashion brand Hemis not only champion hemp and other sustainable fibres, but innovate with new-age materials made…